Monday, August 3, 2015

#Microblog Mondays: The Last Vacation

I've been "off the grid" for a while, because we went on a beautiful, beautiful vacation to Maine and Vermont. This is our Last Vacation (sort of our Babymoon?), because we went live and now that call could come anytime (we know not necessarily imminently, but by the time we would go anywhere else it could definitely come), and we just don't want to be away when that happens. Especially anywhere with spotty cell coverage, which is almost every place we went this time.

We went to Bar Harbor for a family wedding (which was gorgeous), stayed a few extra days for some R&R in one of our favorite places, and then went to Augusta to stay at Bryce's mom's house while they were on their own vacation so that we could take day trips to Boothbay Harbor, Camden, Damariscotta... a variety of coastal treats (plus one day where we just stayed put and relaxed right at their house, in their sunroom, surrounded by my mother-in-law's luscious gardens). Finally, on our way home, we stopped in our favorite spot in Grafton, VT -- strange to see it in the summertime, since we usually go at Christmas or February, but still beautiful, still like coming home to a special place.

All of these places made me sad once upon a time. They were all places we went and imagined going with our little FutureBaby, and repeated visits found us still just the two of us, feeling a little more lonely and bitter and hopeless each time, until we stopped going to Bar Harbor four years ago, and we skipped Grafton this past year.

Well, those times are over... we felt excitement, happiness at being in these familiar haunts, knowing that it is the Last Time we will see them just the two of us. Next time...there will be three.

Feeling happy (and squinty) on the Sheepscot River

A late-blooming lupine in a field near
Ships Harbor on Mt Desert Island.

That pretty much sums up the beauty of Maine to me...
the inlet at Ships Harbor

A Great Spangled Fritillary on goldenrod
that we spied on Sears Island.

The living roof on the hut in the Children's Garden
at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.

The reading room in the Children's Garden... this would have made me
so sad in years past, but now I just imagined FutureBaby on my lap,
in one of those rocking chairs, reading about butterflies.

Gorgeous Vermont view that's normally coated in snow for us...
(Pardon the soupcon of finger...)

Although the exposure is too bright, as if an A-bomb has detonated
behind us, I think this picture is just so happy, so content...
it says, "FutureBaby, we are SO READY for you!"
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  1. Gorgeous pix! Yup, the next time will surely be different :-)

    1. Thank you! Easy when you're in the most beautiful place... :-) here's to different!

  2. It looks like a wonderful trip!! I think my favourite photo was the children's reading room - something that would have made me cringe at one time too, but something that I would now look forward to enjoying!! I hope the wait flies by for you.

    1. Thanks, it was! Yes...That room--it was special. So interesting to be on this side of the cringe! I hope the wait flies for you, too.

  3. Beautiful pictures and sounds like a wonderful time. Glad you had time to relax and such a fun time to picture your favorite places and haunts with a new little one on the horizon.

    1. Thank you! Maine is my favorite vacation. Just being there induces relaxation! I like that, a new little one on the horizon.

  4. *waves hello from New Hampshire* You were in my neck of the woods (kinda)! I'm happy to hear this was no longer a bittersweet vacation. Love the pictures of the two - can't wait to see the pictures of the three! :)

    1. Ah--you live in a beautiful place, too! We only go through about an hour at most of New Hampshire. Next time we'll wave! That's a great way to describe the way it used to be...bittersweet. Now just looking forward to three, indeed.

  5. Lovely pictures and all the best to you! Looking forward to the "three in a frame" picture :)

    1. Thank you so much! Can't wait for that three in a frame to materialize (but we will of course...).