Monday, October 19, 2015

#Microblog Mondays: A Little More Nursery Every Day

This was the Weekend of the Nursery. The painting was done the weekend before, and the incredibly sumptuous wall-to-wall carpeting went in on Wednesday.

This weekend's goal? To clear the nook of as much baby stuff as possible, get it into the nursery, assemble the crib, and assemble the 6-cube shelving unit that I bought a few weeks ago.

I did a ton of adorable tiny laundry, courtesy of my very generous school shower. I washed onesies that seemed impossibly tiny, soft cozy blankets, and adorable owly crib sheets. (I am trying not to be completely saddened by the fact that the crib sheets I've bought in my owl pattern are the only ones I'll have, since they were discontinued and now are not even available as just the sheet on Amazon, boo hoo.)

I worked with Bryce to assemble the cube thingamajig and arranged the brightly colored canvas bins (that incidentally match both the owl bedding AND the owl rug) just so, and then filled the cubes with books and the bins with toys, diapers/wipes, and sheets/blankets.

We couldn't put the crib together. Unfortunately, the manufacturer sent a defective side rail and the screw doesn't go more than halfway into the hole because the hole doesn't line up with the other side, at all. As in the other side of the same hole. Off by 1/2 inch. Boo hoo hoo, but the local baby furniture store where we bought the crib that will one day be adorable is taking good care of us. It was a bummer, though.

So little by little, bit by bit, we are turning what was once our little oceany guest room into a creamy, cheery nursery for our Mystery Baby. Next up, actually putting the crib together and getting the dresser that we desperately need (for clothing, diapers, and the changing table pad). It will all come together, and it is damn exciting to see this room transform into something that not so long ago we didn't quite believe would ever materialize for us.

Books, books, and more books! And LOVE that book Wish. A tearjerker for sure. It came with the oil stain, but I was worried if I sent it back it wouldn't be loved, so I kept it. The stack is some of our Halloween picture book collection. I am getting a new cushion for the windowseat, those have seen better days (it's a kitty favorite spot). Think we have enough books? (There's more elsewhere, too...our child will not suffer for reading material.)
Sad defective crib disassembled... but there's the cute owl rug on the new brown carpet...ahhhh, the carpet that your feet just sink right into, carpet I could spend hours on (and probably will).  Obviously we are replacing the bamboo stick shades of death with cordless one-touch blackout shades that won't strangle anyone we love. The stick on the windowsill is for staking vampire pests. Just kidding, the window doesn't stay open (on the long long list of things to fix) on its own.
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  1. Wow I thought that we had a lot of books but that is an impressive lot! "Wish" doesn't really hold my daughter's attention but I read it (and cry) every so often to her.

  2. I'm in love with your nursery so far!! Seriously, it's adorable!! And like you, I love books and our child will never be without books. That said, you put our book collection to shame, so I think I have to go shopping again! :)

  3. You really are a mama bird building your nest! So much fun to see it coming together.

  4. Everything looks lovely! Mystery baby is one lucky kid with all of those books.. well and the amazing parents he or she will have. :)

  5. It's coming along! Can't wait to see more of it. :)

  6. I love the wall color and the carpet together! It looks so warm and cozy! I think you have done a great job making use of the space that you have, the nook for the books is awesome!
    I know the feeling on your crib sheet choice...I almost always seem to pick patterns that end up discontinued and spend loads of time trolling eBay trying to find them.
    The owl rug is really super cute. I am very excited for you, and pray that your call comes sooner rather than later. You are going to be such a great mom!!

  7. Books, indeed! I'm a sucker for a children's library...and owls. Very exciting to see it coming together!

  8. so bright and cheerful. come soon, mystery baby!