Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Week One of Hysterectomy Recovery

Hey friends! At this point, one week ago I was either in the OR or Recovery, and my uterus was likely already gone.

I am feeling pretty good about it all -- Bryce was worried I'd be sad, but I'm really not. I feel... exorcised. Freed. I have mourned what my uterus could not do for years, and this is more a celebration of the end of its reign of terror over my body and mind. Buh-bye, unnecessary lady bits.

I am more mobile every day -- even ventured out of the house today to have lunch with my sister and her husband, Bryce, and my dad. It was nice to see all the spring that's sprung since I've last been out, but I am tired and sore now.

My dad flew out from California -- his job makes it very, very difficult to schedule visits for a variety of reasons, but there was a little window of kismet that allowed for his first visit to Rochester since 2004 or so. My sister came down to spend some time with him as well. I have seen my dad more recently than 15 years ago, it's just rare that he can come out to this part of NY, and so it is a special treat.
Me being creepy, sneaking around

My mom also spent significant time the first two days, which helped Bryce go grocery shopping (he is fast realizing how annoying and neverending that particular chore is). I am so appreciative of all the visits.

A friend and her daughter even did a home delivery of our favorite Mexican restaurant takeout. And Bryce's mom is coming in from Maine tomorrow after my dad goes back to L.A.

There's been a lot of movie watching, and flower catalog perusing, and eating of takeout and Bryce Cuisine, naps, and reading. I am in my fifth book of the week:
1) Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett
2) Someday You'll Grow Out of This by Jessi Klein
3) Do Not Be Alarmed by Maile Meloy
4) The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine
5) Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman (in progress)

All very different. 2) pissed me off because it was super funny and relatable, but then the last chapter, the last essay, was this...
I almost threw it. But that would have hurt my incisions.

I also did some puzzles, which is a good pastime but required bending more than was comfortable so I've taken a rest on that for now.

I have pain, but it is better day by day and I can now wait to take the heavy duty pain meds until evening. Soon I won't need them at all. I am easily exhausted. I took a shower and blew out my hair the other day, to make life easier in the long run, but it felt like running a 5K. I was thoroughly exhausted.

Bryce is doing a great job of making me sit and lay down. I am doing a crap job of taking it easy without getting (gently) reprimanded. Staying still is difficult for me. But, I need to if I am to heal. This is probably the dangerous time, when I'm feeling better but should still be pretty sedentary.

Speaking of sedentary, I need to figure out a way to communicate to my Fitbit that I am recovering from surgery and haven't just given up on life. It keeps buzzing at me and while I tried just not wearing it, I use it as a watch and I ended up missing it. I guess if this is one of my most pressing problems then I am doing okay!

Thanks for the well wishes, I hope I just keep getting a little better each day.

Probably my favorite so far of the books. Also a lovely warm day where I could sit on the deck. 


  1. Good to hear all is going well. But yes, DO NOT do too much! You want your healing to go smoothly, with no hiccups four weeks down the road. I'm glad people are looking after you, and that you're getting lots of reading done. That paragraph of that book was awfully condescending. I'm glad you resisted temptation and didn't throw it. You'd then have had another reason to be angry at it.

    Take care. Indulge yourself. That's as important as keeping fit ever was. See if you can mute your fitbit at least. lol

    1. Thank you... It is so hard to stay still for so long. And yeah, that last essay was a stinker and sort of ruined the memory of the rest of the book for me. Sadness. I took the Fitbit off for a while, embarrassed to say I don't know how to mute it! Maybe my new goal should be how few steps I can take in a day...

  2. That's nice that you have had so many visitors! Just take things slowly for now if you can and gradually you'll build up your strength again. Hopefully the weather is getting nice there so you'll be able to spend some time in the garden. Something about nature always helps one feel a little better!

    1. It is lovely to have visitors, but also can contribute to a feeling of not-rest. I have so appreciated all the help, but I will definitely also appreciate being alone in the house for a while. Although I am definitely stir crazy! I would love to get out in the garden, but it just reminds me if all I wish I could do out there. The people who had this house before us did amazing things insider the house, but left the outside a bit of a mess. I can't wait to get out there and do some plant magic!

  3. Glad that recovery is going well.
    And it's nice that family can come and visit! Take care of yourself and don't try and do too much too soon.

  4. Please be careful!! I know that you want to get up and move around but don't sabotage your healing process! There is a lot of stuff going on inside that you may not necessarily feel.

    You can turn off notifications from your Fitbit- not sure which one you have but on my Charge 2 I just hit the button on the side until the "notifications" page comes up and if I press the button for a few seconds, it turns them off.

    Enjoy all of the family and friends visits but make sure to keep your ass on the couch! :-)

  5. You are so beautiful and sunny, you dad-stalker.

    Congrats on reclaiming your body. Even if your Fitbit doesn't quite understand yet.

    (Oh, and I added the Meloy book to my library list.)

  6. So glad to hear surgery went well and you are home recovering. I will add my voice to the chorus and encourage you to pretty please not do anything for a little bit. Keep lounging and reading, that's your only job for now! :)

  7. Glad you came through the surgery OK & are recuperating nicely. And I am very glad that Bryce & your parents have been there to help. Definitely do NOT try to do too much too fast!! (tempting as it may be!) Hang in there!

  8. So glad that the surgery went well and the recovery is going well thus far! Good that Bryce is reminding you to not go overboard on movement and wonderful that both your parents and sister were able to come.

    Good luck with continued healing! Hope things continue to go well.

  9. I enjoyed playing Memory, doing puzzles, and reading the wonderful letters your students sent you. It's an honor to live close enough to be there for you. Love you.

  10. Catching up on this, friend. I'm glad everything went well and you have so much support!