Monday, July 16, 2018

#Microblog Mondays: That Time* I Cried in Target

Last weekend we went to Target after our favorite Mexican restaurant dinner, and I went to the Paper Rebel section in Greeting Cards to get a support card for a friend.

That's when I found this:

Can you see what this says?
"If Britney can survive 2007,
you can do absolutely anything."

I saw this card and did a double take. And then I started laughing maniacally, and I took a picture of it and sent it in a text to my friend I used to teach with, message reading, "WHERE WAS THIS LAST YEAR???"

See, when I had my breakdown at school, I had to stop in the bathroom before this friend drove me home with the school psychologist following, and I joked, "Nobody hand me clippers because I'm having my Britney Moment! Just kidding, I love my hair. But this is a clippers kind of day..." and she laughed, only to be admonished by the concerned psychologist that "this isn't funny! This is serious!" To which she replied, "I know, but even in this darkest moment Jess is STILL FUNNY."

So that's how I went from laughing to crying in Target and went back to buy the card for myself because there was only one and it was just too perfect.

And yeah, I framed it.

While I'm not sure I agree with "you can do anything" sentiment, it's a great reminder that she survived that difficult period in her life, and SO DID I. If I could do anything I might also have a Vegas residency and make a zillion dollars dancing half-naked with snakes, but I guess I'll be content with a great marriage and a career I love and a happy life on the other side of my own personal tragedy.

* I say "that time" like I don't often end up in tears in Target... It's a fairly regular occurrence.

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  1. Laughing! Awesome that the perfect card now hangs in your home.

    "Even in this darkest moment Jess is STILL FUNNY." -- Yeps, you did it again.

  2. I hate the "you can do anything" sentiment, but I love the reason you have for buying - and framing (you're my hero) this card! Yep, you have to laugh ... and cry.

  3. I just googled Britney in 2007 because I had NO CLUE what you were talking about. I completely forgot about Britney Spears and her 2007 breakdown. Or maybe, I remembered the breakdown, but didn't remember the year---because, why would I? I'm glad you can laugh and I glad you survived. Hugs... Chandra @

  4. So many thoughts from this card ranging from “why didn’t this exist earlier?” to “FINALLY!!!”

    Deep belly laughs on this end with you.

  5. I *love* this, I'm sitting here snort-giggling at the computer. And damn tootin' that you're a survivor - and one who is smart enough not to dance with snakes, to boot! Good for you for framing it!

  6. I love, love, love that this card exists for you!! That is the universe working right there. I mean, there was only ONE of those cards?!?! C’mon!!

  7. Actually laughing out loud here. That's awesome. And even better that you have it framed - totally perfect.