Friday, July 6, 2018

Liver Update: 3-Month Progress Appointment

I had my doctor's appointment this week to go over my bloodwork and my progress with the whole weight loss thing to save my liver. I was so nervous, because last time the scale was evil and I felt like I was not making any progress at all (it said I'd lost ONE pound, ONE!).

So I did a couple things.

* I made my appointment in the morning, so I could hopefully have the scale be closer to my at-home, post-pee-pre-breakfast number. I think doctor's scales are a conspiracy intended to make you feel terrible about yourself.

* I wore the lightest clothes I could think of -- new short linen shorts (fun red-and-cherry-blossom print ones from my last Stitch Fix) and a white tank-top, and easy-to-slip-off flip flops.

* I took a picture of my scale number at home to prove the conspiracy.

* I didn't drink my coffee before the appointment, in case it caused water retention or raised my blood pressure or something vile like that.

And the verdict was... 

Well, the scale number wasn't what I see at home, but it did say I'd lost 8 pounds (9 since January). I do not understand how my home scale says 12 and the doctor's scale says 9, but whatever. The doctor was very pleased. Unlike last time, I wasn't reduced to tears of frustration and fatalism.

But the bloodwork -- the bloodwork was AWESOME.

* My liver values are way, way down. Back in the normal range.

* My triglycerides are also way down -- almost a third lower than my January bloodwork.

* My cholesterol is high, but the ratio is good and on an improving trend. My doctor was like, "it looks like genetics is against you in this department, but the ratio is more important than the number, and you're doing okay there."

* My glucose was at the high end of normal, but my A1C was totally normal, so I am no longer flirting with pre-diabetes.

It was awesome to have the doctor be so happy with the results, and to feel so encouraged by the results. It's AMAZING what a difference a few pounds makes when your body hates you and converts everything into evil.

Another fun fact -- apparently every extra pound you carry puts an extra 6 pounds of pressure on your knees and ankles, so my weight loss so far has alleviated upwards of 50 pounds of pressure on my joints. Which makes sense, because while my knees are super crunchy, they're not painful. Which is lovely.

And so I continue on, working to get down 20 pounds from my starting point, because it is so good for my health, I feel so much better, and I'm finding ways to get fun exercise into my day. May I be able to keep it up!


  1. Scales are such a problem given the ongoing focus on numbers but complete lack of calibration that happens. I never look at the numbers but instead the trends, so I’m glad you documented because the trend is important.

    And those results are fabulous Jess! You really should be proud of all the hard work you’ve done. Keep up the hard work!

  2. I like all your strategies, and I may copy them.

    That's so great about the scale and your bloodwork!

  3. Wow, that's great news. Well done, Jess!!! Woo hoo! Cue the popping of champagne, releasing of doves, fireworks, etc etc.

  4. Freaking Yay!!! That’s amazing news Jess!! Be so proud of the hard work...your liver is sure proud of you! 😜

  5. YAY!! Such great news on all of your hard work!

    Wow so I am 20 pounds down...which means 120 pounds less on my ankles/knees. WOW.

  6. Those are all excellent numbers!! Although I would say those bloodwork numbers are far more important than the scale. Way to go, Jess! (My knees, especially the left one, have been killing me for almost 10 years now... added incentive to try to get more active & lose some pounds!)