Thursday, June 7, 2018

Liver Plan Update

It is June, and it's almost time to go to the doctor again and hope that his scale is not of the devil again, and shows the progress that my at home scale shows.

I am down TWELVE pounds as of Sunday. TWELVE!

It is apparently starting to be noticeable, and some people at school have commented on it. I can see it in the shape of my upper belly, which was definitely distended and now is not, and in how my clothes fit. I am less lumpy. I have less fat around my ribcage, which is the dangerous fat, the stuff that infiltrates your organs and makes you more likely to have cardiac issues (in addition to the lovely liver thing).

I would love to lose the whole 20. It's only 8 more pounds, but that doesn't seem so "only" to me. I have done this in a slow and methodical way, where it's mostly changes in habits and a whole lot more exercise -- not any faddy diet or structured program that just may not be sustainable for me. See, I don't want to give up my occasional buffalo dip craving, or summer ice cream, or glass(es) of wine. I want to be able to go out for fancy meals that are decadent and yummy. I just have to work out a lot and watch portions and make it a balance.

I sucked at bullet journaling in May, and didn't write down hardly anything, but I really do think keeping a food diary is incredibly effective. Eating fruit when I'm hungry for a snack more often than anything else is helpful. Getting at least 10,000 steps a day, doing 45 minutes of heavy cardio 3 days a week, walks on the other days, and 1-2 days of sculpting pilates/yoga "tapes" has been a good fitness plan for me. Oh, and once per week tap classes, which is a topic for another post...

I am so hoping that the doctor's report shows what I see. I feel healthy, and more fit than I've been in years. I'm wearing clothes I've not been able to wear in two years. I'm hating my body a little less when it proves it can actually do something I'd like it to do. It feels so good!


  1. Congratulations! 12lb is a huge achievement.

    In England we measure in 'stones and pounds' - 14lb is a stone so someone who weighs 150lb is '10st 10lb'. So when you reach 14lb that will be a whole stone if you want another mini-milestone : )

  2. Congrats Jess!! 12lbs is amazing!! I am recently on my own weight loss journey, I just blogged about. Hoping with you that the doctor visit is a good one!

  3. So happy fpr your progress! I am in the process of losing myself, through calorie counting and some exercise too. Down 40 pounds in 5 months:)
    Btw, what helped me a lot was a book I read, called Suoerior Fat Loss. The guy who wrote it has a FB page called ‘A workout routine’.
    He is not only hilarious, but so to the point! He really knocked down a lot of misconceptions Inhad about dieting all my adult life:)
    Good luck with the rest of the pounds, and I love your blog:)

  4. Way to go, Jess! You rock! Twelve pounds is a lot. If you look at two 5 lb bags of sugar (plus 2 more pounds), that's a lot to lose. Good luck with the doctor...Love you.

  5. Nice work pretty lady! I could definitely tell a difference in the last picture that you posted. Keep it up!

  6. 12 lbs is huge!!! That's awesome Jess! May the doctor see the progress, not only on the scale but also with your liver and other biometrics.

    Rooting for you for not only this upcoming visit, but for that 20 lbs goal. Because I think you'll not only make it, you'll surpass it.

  7. Wow -- super impressed!

    Surely the doc will also be impressed. And your liver, too. Good job, Jess.

  8. Congratulations, Jess!! Yes, 20 would be nice, but 12 is pretty amazing!