Friday, December 23, 2016

Sort of A Funny Moment

So, after last night's feeling of utter tragedy, I woke up all frog-eyed and puffy. The holiday hoedown at school did not help my headache. I felt a bit fragile all day, but got tougher-skinned as time wore on.

A woman I work with had brought her baby (who is now toddling all over the place) in to school, and she put the most adorable sweater and sweater hat on him during homeroom. He was reaching for hugs, so I picked him up. Oh, how delicious, that potato sack weight that clutches your arm and lightly kicks your sides.

I was still holding him when my students came in for the final period of the day.

The looks on their faces were priceless -- there was a surprise and an "OH MY GOD!" expression as a few of my sweet kids entered the room, and I knew immediately what was going through their innocent little heads.

"Oh no no no no," I laughed, "This is Ms. __'s baby! Oh no, that's not really how it works!"

I could see the humor in it, which is good because at the wrong time yesterday this would have had me in tears. The students were a bit sheepish in realizing that the chances of suddenly acquiring an older baby of my own between 5th period and 9th were pretty unrealistic.

I found their flash of belief in this magical baby delivery endearing though, and their amazement and brief moment of OH MY GOD IT FINALLY HAPPENED! to be just incredibly heartwarming. It would be nice if one moment I was empty-armed and the next there was a sweet little guy or gal on my hip, but alas -- insta-baby doesn't exist and is outside Santa's scope.



  1. I got teary-eyed from this. The image of your students getting so excited shows how much they care about you. You're a pretty amazing person Jess and this is just another example of the love that surrounds you.

    Sending you love and light as you travel.

  2. I love knowing that so many people are rooting so hard for you. Count me among them. <3

  3. Awe! Sounds like you have some sweet students!

  4. How sweet! When Mystery Baby does enter your life, you have to take him/her by your class for a visit.

  5. Heart melting. It is a funny thought, though, acquiring a baby during study hall. :D Wish it could work like that.

  6. Aah, insta-babies. If only they existed. So glad you could see the humour in it, and that it got you at the right time, rather than when you were feeling vulnerable.

  7. That's one of the best parts of young tween/teenagers - their optimism and belief that anything can happen. What sweet students you have!