Sunday, September 27, 2015

Adoption Thoughts From The Other Side (obviously not from me)

Deathstar, over at A Woman My Age, wrote a series of four posts titled:

Things I Wished I'd Known

The posts come from the experience she had adopting her son, and now that she has a beautiful family of three, looking back on what she thought might have been useful to know as a waiting adoptive mom, or someone contemplating adoption.

When I was considering adoption, mulling it over, making the decision that can only come with thought and soul searching and researching just how complex the realities of adoption are, I wanted to read other people's thoughts on adoption. Not necessarily other clueless people on this side of things like me (although those are super helpful too, for commiserating on the process), but people who've been there. Multiple people, multiple perspectives. And I really wanted people who'd pursued infant adoption. I wanted people who would tell it as it is.

Deathstar did an awesome job putting these posts together, and I want to share them because I think that they are gold. They are helpful to me, as I navigate the waiting period and look forward to/feel understandable fear about what's to come. And I hope they will be helpful to you.

She links to another great blog that discusses many aspects of domestic infant adoption : Deathstar herself adopted internationally, but from the US as a Canadian resident. Many aspects are similar to my journey but with that added complexity of immigration and legal brou-ha-ha between two countries. I did not even know until fairly recently that there was international adoption between Canada and the US, so that has been an education in itself!

Please read these wonderful posts--I hope that they are are useful and mind-easing to read for you as they were for me.

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  1. Thanks so much for pulling these together. Deathstar has done a fantastic job with this series.

    Somehow I missed the first one, where she mentioned my blog, so I'm grateful to you for filling me in!