Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I love the New Year. It's a fresh start, full of possibilities. Some years are decidedly good, some are downright bad, and others are a mixed bag. I'm going to shoot for 2011 being a spectacular year. A friend sent me a note that this will be The Year of The Rabbit, which sounds good to me--a calmer and less crazy year than 2010's Year of the Tiger. Not crazy about Tigers. Tigers don't breed well. BUT, rabbits are ridiculously fertile. That's got to be a good omen...lots of little 2011 baby bunnies hopping about and spreading baby dust around the land! (Maybe I've got my holidays mixed up, but I'm liking this fantasy anyway.)

2010 was a very tough year. Not a totally awful year--I had a very good year at work, Bryce got a well-deserved promotion, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we had a lovely trip to Bar Harbor. But not a great year either--we spent the entire year in the pursuit of high-tech, high-stress, high-cost, low-yield babymaking. 2010 was a bust in that regard despite some really, really hard work on our part. It still amazes me that we have spent our entire first year as newlyweds embroiled in this process. The good thing is that it has made us stronger instead of slowly cracking us apart. So, in a way, 2010 showed us how strong, resilient, and determined we are as a couple and as a future expanded family unit.

2011, you are going to be the Year of the Baby. I just know it. Our Future Baby is just biding his/her time, waiting for just the right moment and just the right year to grace us with the unbelievable joy we have been searching and striving for.


  1. A student told me it was the year of the cat in the vietnamese zodiac - ALSO a good creature of baby-makinz. I'm just stacking your deck, as it were...