Monday, November 23, 2015

#Microblog Mondays: A Happy Post About a Happy Place

I am still in the trenches of dealing with our frozen embryo decisions, and dealing with the loss that is completely and utterly letting go of any hope of being pregnant. Of having a baby belly. Of hearing a heartbeat that's not mine emanating from my body. You know, some heavy stuff.

To counterbalance it all, here are some pictures of the nursery, ever-evolving, looking more and more like a real home for a real baby. We had to rearrange things a bit since the dresser came in and it became painfully obvious that having the dresser with changing pad under the slanted part of the ceiling would result in concussions, definitely for Bryce and possibly for baby. So, crib under slant and dresser on the flat wall with the decals. The adorable, fun decals! Enjoy this peek into Mystery Baby's special space. It is definitely my happy place.

Cozy new carpet, the crib in its new cozy spot where Bryce can stand upright, and our shiny new dresser. (Obviously the blanket won't rest on the crib when a baby's in it.) Lucky is loving this new spot. 

The crib and the blue nook, with my mom's quilt on the tiny rocking chair and an abundance of Boppys. Which I hear are great for many uses, not just breastfeeding. I hear they make excellent neck pillows for the couch, as well... :)

Lucky, blissed out on the cozy fuzzy changing pad that is SO NOT FOR HIM. (Good luck convincing him of that, though....)

Looking at the bookshelf/cube storage and blue nook from the crib side of the tiny room. The stuffed animals sort of look like sentinels sitting there, facing the door...a tad creepy. That carpet is amazing. You just want to lie on it forever.

Our long-awaited fancy schmancy glider that made it up the stairs because it actually came in two pieces... it makes for a great reading nook right now, with the cozy blanket and the owl pillow that my sister gave me years ago that just HAPPENED to match the upholstery EXACTLY! Coincidence? Hmmm.... 

The crib in its old place, but it gives you a great shot at the decals! So much fun. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! This space is so adorable! I especially love the owl pillow.Okay, the blissed out Lucky (who looks a lot like our Sid) is a close second. Nice job!

    Sending good thoughts to you, and I hope you're able to make a decision that gives you some well-deserved peace. *hugs*

  2. Loving the pictures. It's all shaping up so well. Good luck and stay blessed!

  3. I just love this...both the post and the space. The wall decals are awesome! I really like how you spaced them out and even got some at the top of the wall. The carpet sounds as cozy as it looks...what kind of carpet is it?
    I am so glad this is your happy space! It is so beautiful and cozy and warm, and so full of love already! Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. The nursery looks amazing! It looks so calming and cozy.

    Just one thought- how easy is it to peel off the decals on the wall? Just thinking ahead to when FutureBaby can stand and will work on peeling off that tree decal!

  5. So great! Wow! You did such a wonderful job painting and decorating. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks so cozy! I want to go hang out there.

  7. It looks so cozy. I am impressed with your decorating skills!

  8. Beautiful nursery! It looks so cozy and inviting!

  9. Thank you so much! It was (and continues to be) a total labor of love... I have been envisioning this nursery for so long and to put it into reality is just such a beautiful, cathartic thing. Almost all done, but saving some details for later so I don't feel like I have a museum room in the house, stale from waiting. I appreciate all of your thoughts on this special room!

  10. It's such a welcoming and inviting room. *I* want to move in! (concussion be damned).