Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oppositional Defiant Uterus Update

Ok folks, this day SUCKED. But, there is a rosy tint to the ending, so hang in there with me.

I went to the OB/GYN's office at 7:30, and the receptionist had no clue who I was or what I was doing trying to sneak in a morning ultrasound. She told me the earliest was 1:30, and I was very nice but was like, NO, I'm supposed to be fit in in the morning, my RE spoke to the Dr. here and when she gets in she'll explain. Luckily she got in 5 minutes later and I was all set.

Except, like a moron, I didn't get a half day morning sub because I figured being squeezed in starting at 7:30 would mean getting back by 8:45, 9 at the latest and so I just needed coverage for 2nd period Reading, which was easy because they were doing MAP testing in the computer lab today (for non teaching folks, MAP testing in this case was a computer based program to test Language skills (grammar and mechanics) that is 53 questions long and adjusts levels based on the response of the person clicking the answers. Very fascinating and unfortunately highly susceptible to dips due to motivation or rises due to lucky clicking, but my kiddos listened to my speech about MAP testing and did their best, which was nice). I did not realize that the ultrasound tech doesn't come in until 8 and there was a prego before me and I wouldn't be seen until 8:40, causing me great stress and clockwatching.

But, I was seen and got back to school on time. There's the silver lining.

Dark cloud: My uterus does not AT ALL look like I'm at Day 15. No trilinear pattern. No stripes. My uterus is truly being oppositional defiant and has decided that it doesn't want to play. I was so upset, I cried my way back to school.

Also, they don't do bloodwork at this office, they send you to the university hospital lab system. Which, had I known, I could have gone to earlier than the appointment, but, since I was so horribly late and made it within ONE MINUTE of my English class 3rd period, I had to leave again at 10:05 to go get blood drawn at the lab down the street from my middle school. Not the best morning. And the results didn't get in on time, because it was too late in the morning. Argh.

Good news: Since this office is doing my monitoring, now I know that if the requisition is sent in ahead of time that I can go to the blood lab that opens early and then go for my ultrasound, since they open for ultrasounds at 8:00. The tech did say that I could call and have her come in at 7:30 if needed. Not nearly as early as the 7:00 appointments I used to be able to get, but priceless in terms of not being in a fertility clinic to start my day. While there were pregos in the office, it wasn't overwhelmingly prego-central.

Bad news: My uterus is screwing everything up. I can't have the test 2/15 now, and I had the whole conversation about whether the test is even worth the hassle to get my uterus to agree to play nicely.

But, my RE talked to an RE at CCRM about the test and got back to me and we are going to do it, but we are going to use estrogen to help my lining actually DO something and then, THEN do the Crinone to fake my lining into thinking ovulation has occurred. Kind of like a frozen cycle. Apparently they do that all the time for resistant people like me, and it doesn't affect the test. This new plan actually only sets us back 1 week, as I'll start estrogen tomorrow, then take progesterone the following week and into February break, and have the endometrial biopsy a week later than originally planned. Okie dokie. I can live with that.

Despite a very frustrating start to the day, and an afternoon spent on the phone with my RE trying to figure all this out (grateful, so grateful that he does the majority of the figuring out, I contribute stuff and my thoughts on things but I am not feeling like I am driving the action, which is such a relief), the end result was reasonably favorable. I can still have the integrin test, we can have that info, and then one part of the mystery can be debunked one way or the other. Lucky me I still have estrace and vivelle patches leftover from the donor egg cycle, so I need absolutely nothing to get started. Let the faking out of my uterus begin, since it is obviously not to be trusted on its own.


  1. Whew. Deep, deep breath. This stuff is so freaking stressful. Sending you vibrational goodness. It's all gonna be okay! xo

  2. Sorry about the rough start to your day...but glad to hear you are working with someone who seems to be on top of things! Hope today is better for you!

  3. Ugh, the stress of coordinating cycles was one of the worst parts of fertility treatment.

  4. What a rollercoaster. I'm glad that everything turned out OK. I love how proactive your RE seems, I think that is wonderful. At least you're only a week delayed. Despite the the stress, things seem to be moving in the right direction!

  5. What a day! I love that your RE is working to get answers in conjunction with CCRM. Even better that you have estrace and vivelle patches left over...those suckers aren't cheap! Thinking of you. :)

  6. Thank you again, ladies! This certainly is a big fat rollercoaster. Now I have a date for the test (a little later than I was hoping, a week and a half out instead of a week, but if it gets me prepped right so it's a valid test so be it), a protocol for the estrogen and crinone 1-2 punch to my obstinate reproductive system, and I can kind of rest a bit. PLUS I don't have to take the estrace up the hoo-ha. Which is awfully nice. Thank you thank you for reminding me to breathe deep!